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Introductory price of $2.99 for two days only!

He’s too sexy…

Ben Harris agreed to fill in as a cover model at an author signing he
wasn’t sure what to expect, but women throwing themselves at him,
numbers being stuffed in his pocket, and covert attempts at getting into
his hotel room definitely wasn’t it. On the other hand, there is the
hottie assistant he can’t keep his eyes off…

…for her love.

Darling is always eager to be her cousin’s assistant at signings, but
the one thing she wasn’t planning on this time around is the sexy man
candy posing for pictures at her table. The last thing she needs is
another womanizing playboy chasing after her.

Ben is determined
to show Clarissa that he’s more than just a pretty face and smoking
body. He’s betting on wearing her down and weakening her resistance.
Will one taste of this man candy be all it takes to have her craving


Exclusive Excerpt

Copyright © 2015 Jessica Ingro

never going to have an orgasm again,” she randomly announced a few
minutes later, causing me to spit my beer out all over the table.

“Um what?”

She leaned in conspiratorially and mock whispered, “Scott was the only man who ever made me… you know… come.”

you being serious right now?” I croaked out past a dry throat. The
thought of her coming was far too vivid in my mind. My body was
reacting, hardening quickly at the very idea of the way I assumed her
lips would part, her eyes would widen and her back would arch.

do it myself sometimes, but it’s so much better when it’s someone else
doing it. Like toe curling good. And now it’s gone,” she pouted.

don’t think another man could get you off? That Scott was the only one
with that type of talent?” I somehow managed to get out even though my
mind was spinning with all the possibilities.

“All the others
couldn’t,” she said slowly and in an annoyed tone as if I was an idiot
for even considering questioning her logic.

I didn’t want to think about how many people made up the others. All I knew was I was primed and ready to be the one to show her what type of pleasure her body was capable of. Even if it meant putting my own gratification on hold.

I would love nothing more right now than to take you upstairs and show
you just how hard I can make you come. I would even venture a guess that
you’d be coming more than once.” There was no way to sugarcoat my
proposal. She was drunk and might regret this in the morning, but I
wanted to taste her with a ferocity I had never experienced before and
the more we talked about orgasms, the harder I was getting.

“You… I…” she stammered. A blush crept up her neck and face while her mouth hung open like a dead fish.

“You and I. That sounds like a fantastic idea.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her up from her chair. 




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